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Sadly, my reading challenge is off to a rocky start! I underestimated how much time work would take up, but such is life! I’m only halfway through my book for last week, and with the entire weekend stretching ahead of me like a Hebridean beach, I’m aiming to have it posted on Sunday instead.

This week I have set myself the task of actively improving my photography. A few months ago I signed up for a Udemy course to do just that, but since then I haven’t had much time to actually dedicate a fraction of my week to studying. With the recent overhaul of my working life, it seems that all I have is free time – yay!

In November I visited my Mum in Elgin, just overnight before we made the long drive back to Glasgow. During that time we visited Findhorn beach, one of my favourite placed in the whole world – this beach has a lot of meaning for me personally. One of my favourite Christmases was spent in a caravan in Findhorn, we woke on Christmas day to thick fog and sand that was more like sorbet than anything else. It was horrendously cold, but we went for a long walk on the beach with the dog, and it was utterly perfect.

November was also when I had the idea of the photo series I’m working on, aptly named ‘The Book Series’, there’s a more detail explanation of what I hope to explore and achieve through this series over on the photos page, so check that out at your leisure. But my first, and currently only, subject was my mum and her favourite book, The Chrysalids.

This is one of my favourite photos because it’s one of the first instances I used what I had been learning, and applied it to my photographs. Personally, I think I’ll always like this photo for far more than just how it looks, it contains my favourite person, holding my favourite book, in my favourite place. You can’t get much better than that can you?

But, I want to develop more! Always, I’m on the hunt for more. So, this week, I’ll be aiming to improve my black and white photography. Next Saturday I’ll have an update of how that went, and I’ll update throughout the week but in the future, Saturdays will be my day to share photos, and hopefully, have proof of how much I’ve improved (in a few months time maybe!)

Peace out, and enjoy the week ahead!

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