Souls: A Spoken Word Poem

I wrote this poem at 4 am one morning while talking to my friend Nico after we discovered a mutual appreciation for spoken word poetry. It’s not a particular medium that I’d ever explored before that, but it’s one I’ve been dabbling in ever since. Writing it was effortless, it’s like the words came to me with no prompted, the rhythm fell into place and when I finished I felt like I could take on anything!

The ever talented Nico composed the music for this for me and made the video too. The talented jelly bean that he is! If you’ve got a passion project, video game, podcast or just about anything that needs a soundtrack, well then he’s your guy.

Check him out at We Talk of Dreams and on Twitter at @wetalkofdreams


I am always surprised and amazed

when we find things out about each other

and discover yet another thing we have always had in common,

and I say always because I have always known you,

part of my soul has always known yours

and while I found you only a few years ago

or a few months ago,

you are my soulmate.

Soulmates are a beautiful thing

the meeting of minds and of beings that,

if you believe in such things,

have spent entire lifetimes together

before finding each other again in this one,

and when I say ‘soulmate’

don’t mistake it for meaning a lover,

because you are my bother,

and you are my sister.

I believe we have may soulmates

but the chances of us meeting them in this lifetime are slim.

So every day that I speak to you

I thank my lucky stars that I have you

We grew up not too far from each other

but it took another country to bring us together,

and you and I have different mother tongues

but we’re tied here together,

and I think that if I didn’t have you

then maybe I wouldn’t still be here,

I don’t think you will ever know

how much that means to me,

how much of an impact knowing you has had on me

And though I’m sure there will be times

when it seems like our friendship is done,

we will always find each other

and always have a friend in one another.

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