ROA Reading Challenge 2018

Last year I attempted a rather ill-fated reading challenge via Goodreads. I very naively thought I could read a whopping 100 books in a year. Now that might not seem like a lot of some of you, but when you working a full-time job that has you coming home in at the wee hours of the morning each night it quickly because completely unrealistic. I quickly realised my lofty goals were set far too high and dropped it to 80 books total, which I was still far from achieving.

That’s why I have decided to play it safe this year, by setting myself this challenge of reading 52 books in 2018! That totals to 1 a week, just to clarify. Already I can feel myself having mild palpitations about committing to this much time reading, but this year is already wildly different to 2017 and I will be using these books as content for the site!

Each Friday I will be posting a review of the book I finished the week previous, as always I’ll be including photos as well and mini-reviews will be posted on the @readoralive insta. The first review will be posted a week tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled and get involved!

Have any of you set yourselves a reading challenge this year? Did you achieve your goal for last year?

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