POTW: I can’t keep track of the days!

One of the biggest challenges I’m coming across in the running of this blog is keeping track of what day I’m supposed to post what. Does that happen to anyone else? I woke up today convinced it was Saturday, and about ten minutes ago I realised it was Sunday!

The story of my life!

This week I said I was going to work on my photography and start actively trying to improve, now I’m not sure what the weather has been like anywhere else but in Glasgow, we’ve had unusually heavy snowfall so taking the camera out has effectively been a no go.

But, I wanted to do some work anyway, so instead I went through the photos I took towards the end of last year and fired up Photoshop. Black and white photography is something I haven’t tried before, but I’m pleased with how this photo turned out!

This week I’ll hopefully get the chance to take the camera out and get some more recent snaps – maybe even before the snow melts into that gross gray slushy stuff!

Til next time!

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